What To Do When…Your Grandmother asks about your love life…

The question comes, without warning.

“So, Mary, how is your love life?”

This rather personal question comes from my beautiful, resilient 80 year-old grandmother, whom I love dearly, and who is obviously quite concerned about me.

I was much younger when she asked me this.  What does one reply given the circumstances?

Typical Mary answer:  Uhhhhh….great, Grandma!  I mean, well, not great,  uhhhhhh….I’m not, like, dating or anything…no, I like boys, it’s just I haven’t…uhhh…found one that…well…How are your tomato plants doing Grandma?

Smooth answer:  Who needs the love of a mere man when one is loved by you, Grandma?

Risque answer:  Hey, Grandma, why don’t you put on your party clothes and we’ll go out together looking for love (Grandmother is a widow…).

What actually happened:  (staring blankly at grandmother with mouth agape) Uhhhh….

People WILL ask us these questions so we had better be prepared (unlike me, with my Venus flytrap impression).

For a fan of the Royals:  But, Grandma, Prince William is already taken!

Nautical answer:  There are many fish in the sea, Grandma, and I can’t choose until I’ve met them all!

Optimist:  Nothing on that front yet, Grandma, but I’m a glass full kind of girl.

Kind/Desperate:  Any suggestions, Grandma?

Temporizing:  I’m in between boyfriends right now, Grandma.

Starstruck:  Well, Harrison Ford is a bit old for me, Gram.

“I’m single because I was born that way.”–Mae West

Yes, you can have a bit of fun with your friends and family and church family.  I actually think we SHOULD have a little fun (a little mischief is OK!).

The best answer:  Grandma, God loves me and is taking good care of me.  Don’t be afraid for me–He knows what He’s doing!

I think humour and honesty will go a long way in helping us through “awkward” moments.  In the end, as long as we truly trust God we should be able to field any “love life questions” that are thrown at us.

Thank-you, Grandma, for loving me, being concerned about me, supporting me in every situation and walking with me through this life.


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