What to do when…Someone Asks You What Your Husband/Wife Thinks…

I find myself at times in amongst people who don’t know me well.  Of course, being the gregarious and often loquacious person that I am, I sometimes find myself in the position of having mentioned one of the crazy things that I’ve done in my life (for example, having traveled to India on my own).  The response by certain people is surprising, given this day and age, and yet seems to be the inevitable.

“What does your husband think of you galavanting around like that?”

(Really? What is this? The 1950’s?)

What does one say in response to this?

Bad girl response (tempting…):  I don’t care…I’d go anyway…

CIA response:  That’s on a need to know basis…and you don’t need to know!

Typical Mary answer:  Uhhhhh….right!  I mean, well…uhhhhhh….I’m not, like, married…no, I like boys, it’s just I haven’t…uhhh…found one that…well…How about those Canucks?

(Yes, I know–where is your loquaciousness now, Mary?)

Playing Ignorant:  Husband!  I have a husband?

Spy response:  I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you…

Vegas, baby!:  What is said in my house stays in my house.

Playful:  Husband?  Well, I don’t know.  I haven’t met him yet.

I am a big girl ( I’ve lived on my own for longer than I haven’t) so I think I can decide where to go and how to get there on my own (indignantly).  But, I guess we do have to be civil…

Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Philippians 4:5 (NIV)

Good answer:  Oh, I am very careful when I travel.  My family knows where I am and when I will be traveling. God called me to India and I know that He had me in His hand while I was there.  He is with me wherever I go.  Thank you for your concern!


One thought on “What to do when…Someone Asks You What Your Husband/Wife Thinks…

  1. As we say on my little island ‘Boom!’ Yes I know it’s an explosive sound but it simply means I’m in agreement and nothing more needs to be said :-).
    This slang word for today was brought to you by Crazy Iye :-D.

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