Dear You

One of my friends from church, Dorothy B., wrote this beautiful letter and read it in church Sunday.  I immediately asked for a copy for this blog and she concurred.

Dear you: 
Written by Jesus to You

I love you!

I shed my own blood for you, to take away your sin and make you clean.  You can be new if you believe in me and ask me to be a part of your life.  I will make you new and lovely in my eyes, because I created you to be just as you are.

Do not criticize yourself or get down for not being perfect in your own eyes, for my blood covers all of your sin, if you have asked me into your heart.  I want you to trust me one day at a time.

Dwell in my power and love and be free.  Be yourself.  Don’t allow other people to run you.  I will guide you, if you will let me.  Be aware of my presence in everything.

I give you patience, joy, love and peace.  Look to me for answers.  I am your shepherd and will lead you, if you will let me.   I love you.

I will change you without you hardly knowing it.  You are to love yourself and to love others simply because I love you.  Take your eyes off yourself and look only to me.  Let me have the joy of making you like me.  I paid the price for your sin with my blood and I can remove your sin and give you wonderful peace.  Don’t struggle, relax in my love and let me change you.  My will is perfect, my love is sufficient, open your heart to me and I will come in and make a difference in your life.

I love you.



3 thoughts on “Dear You

  1. If you have not heard of the devotional Jesus Calling you should check it out. Daily devotionals written from Jesus’ point of view–similar to this letter. Nice post and God bless! 🙂

    • Thanks, Justin, I will check that devotional out. I love to hear Jesus talking to me (sometimes I’m a bit deaf, sadly) so to actually SEE the words does make a difference. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Thankfully we don’t need the best physical audible hearing to hear from God–since He so often speaks from within. God bless you and I pray that your hearing would be supernaturally healed by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name!

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