Mary’s Playlist

Yes, I love music.  And, yes, I tend to like to put music in my posts.

So, I thought to myself, “Mary, why not give a small taste of what I am listening to right now?”

Mary’s (Truncated) November Playlist

I See the Stars–Sky Terminal

Keep Your Eyes Open–Need to Breathe

The Prayer–Christina Aguilera and Chris Mann

The One Thing–Paul Colman

Drifting–Plumb and Dan Haseltine

Turn Around–Matt Maher

Not Just Any Other Day–John Elefante

Say What You Believe–Echoing Angels

What About the Love–Amy Grant



By Your Side–Tenth Avenue North

Rebirthing–Skillet (a GREAT running song)

There is a Way–Newworldson

Crazy–Ayiesha Woods

Dive–dc Talk

A Better Way–downhere

Crazy Mary–FM Static (it’s not true!)

What a Wonderful World–Louis Armstrong

Shackles–Mary Mary

Lone Ranger–Nate Sallie

Take Me to Your Leader–Newsboys

All Along–Remedy Drive

We Live–Superchick

Dead Man (Carry Me)–Jars of Clay

Wow!  It was hard work to keep it to only 25 songs!  You may be subjected to future playlists as time passes…  There are some great Christian artists out there and they should be celebrated!

Note:  not all of the artists listed above would be called “Christian” artists (ie. Christiana Aguilera and Chris Mann and Louis Armstrong) and some of the songs aren’t exactly “new” but it’s a small example of what I am listening to presently.  Enjoy!


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