Right Where You Want Me

Mandie and Mary

Mandie and Mary

When I was a young, naive, innocent university student I got a summer job at a rehabilitation hospital in the city in which I live.  It was rather a miracle that I got the job–one of my friend’s family members (who worked at the hospital) told me about the job and gave me a reference.  It was on the first day of work at that hospital that I met my best friend.

There were three of us that just clicked immediately.  Within minutes we discovered that all three of us were Christians.   Within a half hour we had formed a lifetime friendship. I have known Mandie now for over 20 years and we are still best friends.

I really can’t help thinking that God put me in that place at that time to give me this gift of friendship.  There is no way I could have gotten that job on my own.  Quite obviously God orchestrated it.  At the time I had no idea but looking back now the timing was so perfect.

I read the following story recently–it is a powerful allegory of our life in Christ:

It has been said that when weaving the great tapestry rugs of Persia the workers are on the reverse side of the tapestry and the master weaver is on the other side. When you look at the reverse side of any tapestry it seems to be a mess of threads with no real pattern. “Chaotic” would be one way of describing it.

As they place their threads into the tapestry, the weavers must trust the master weaver to direct them even when all they can see is a messy chaotic jumble. It is even said that when the inexperienced or foolish worker puts their thread in the wrong place the master weaver does not demand it be removed but instead takes the blemish thread and weaves it into the total picture so it becomes part of the beauty of the finished “right-side” of the tapestry.

The God we worship and glorify is the Master Weaver. He takes all that happens to us and breathes his life into these experiences to create in us and through us a beautiful picture of life.

It is a confused chaotic picture that we each see at the moment, but when we can look at the picture of our life from God’s side we will find that those things we saw as flaws are in fact the very things that makes the beauty of the picture.
Reverend Kevin Hall

We might not always understand how the events or situations in our lives could possibly work out for the best.  We have made SO many mistakes.  We are so confused.  We have to have faith that He knows what He is doing, that He can weave these failures into beauty.  That He has us right where He wants us.

Right Where You Want Me
(Hyperstatic Union)

Searching for my place in this world
Getting lost over and over again
Casting lustrous pearls
Yet you protected my heart
You never let me stray too far
You knew I couldn’t pull myself out
By the strength of my arms

The only time I called Your Name
I took it in vain
Yet You heard my cry, even though I lived a lie
You new that I would be Your servant
‘Til the day that I die

You’ve got me right where you want me
You took me and put me in my place
You’ve got me right where you want me
And I never felt better


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