What to do when…someone asks you who your “plus one” will be…

So, who will your “plus one” be for cousin Sally’s wedding?  This is a new phrase that seems to really have taken off lately, at least on TV.  I watched an entire episode of a new show based on this exact phrase.  I’m assuming it means the same thing as what we used to say, “Hey, who’re you bringing to cousin Sally’s wedding?”

Yuck!  I think I dislike this one the most.  It implies that there should be someone else coming with you.  That coming by yourself is distasteful in some way…

So, what do we do?

Evasive answer:  You’ll have to wait and see…

Family answer:  If my Uncle George is free he said he’d come with me. If Aunt Maggie doesn’t mind.

Panicky answer:  Ummm…I’m bringing…my boyfriend, actually.  His name is…ah…Steve Rogers.  He’s a…Captain…in the military.  He’s a bit older than me, but looks very young…he travels a lot…and likes masks…

Bold answer:  I’m not bringing anyone.  Why do you think I’m coming to your wedding?  All those single bachelors!

Sad answer:  Well, my friend’s husband said my friend could come with me.

Mary answer:  What?  It’s been years since anyone asked me that question!  Do I still have to answer it?

Literal answer:  God will be coming with me, of course!

Goodish answer:  I’m coming solo!  That’ll give me more time to hang out with the family/friends.

(Really–who would you subject to a family wedding anyway!)


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