Well…Thursday it snowed 30 cm here (for the non-metricly minded that’s 11.8 Diamondsinches) and Friday I went out for a run, of course.  If you’re a winter runner there is nothing better than fresh snow up to your knees for a fun and effective work-out!

So, I’m running on a little trail and I come to a steep hill that is pristine is snow–not a soul, human or otherwise, has disturbed the fresh, powdery snow.  😀  It can’t get better than this, can it…

I start running up the hill and I get to the point where the sun is right in front of me, reflecting dazzlingly off of the fresh snow in front of me.  What do you think I saw?

The girl with no diamond on her finger was surrounded by millions of diamonds at her feet (OK, at her knees!) sparkling all sorts of mad colours, blinding me with their brilliance.  And do you know what?  Call me crazy if you will, but I know that the Lover of my Soul put these snow diamonds there just for me…what love God has for us!


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