The Boston Marathon

Hi, crew!  I have been helping out with a Silent Auction to raise funds for an orphanage in Kenya so I have been away from my blog for a good reason.  While I’ve been away a few things have happened in the world at large and I do think I should comment on at least one.

As a runner I feel that I must make some comment about the events that occurred around the Boston marathon a few weeks ago.  I have no words to express what I feel.  All I can say is how I am again overwhelmed by the capacity of people to hurt other people.

I have heard so many stories from my friends and colleagues about family or friends that were in Boston at that time.  One of my colleagues had 2 of his friends running in the race. My friend’s daughter lives just blocks from the finish line.  They were all OK but I think we all knew how worried they were until they found out.

I heard some amazing stories about how people chipped in and likely saved lives.  The military “ruckers”, bystanders, runners, police, firefighters, medical personnel.  It’s unfortunate that something this bad has to happen for us to see the truly exceptional that is hiding in our fellow human beings.

As I’ve said before we need to be on our knees in prayer for all those involved:  those who are injured, the families of those killed or injured, those who were witnesses, those who helped the injured and scared.

There is a bigger picture here, though.  What we are feeling now in the aftermath of this disaster in Boston is what some people around the world feel every day.

I was deeply saddened when I saw the following picture on twitter just after the Boston events.

I think while we are on our knees for our neighbours in Boston, we need to pray for those who live daily in a place where peace is not the norm, where heartbreaking violence and loss of life are a part of life, where events like the ones in Boston are common everyday experiences.  Let us not forget that, while we North Americans live in a basically peaceful place, most of the world does not have that reality.

This world needs the peace that only Christ can truly give.

John 16:33 I  have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you  will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the  world.”


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