Mary’s Playlist May 2013

So we’ve dealt with some serious topics lately–time for some fun!

Of course, I am a great lover of music so I thought I would update you on some of the new music that has made it onto my playlist.  Keep in mind some of them may not be new chronologically, but are simply new to my playlist!  😉

New Additions to the Playlist

1. Third Day–I Need a Miracle–This is a song for all of us who have experienced time in the desert.

2.  City Harmonic–I Have a Dream (It feels like Home)–Have you ever wanted to be free?

3.  Josh Wilson–Carry Me

4.  John Elefante–Not Just Any Other Day

5.  Jason Gray–Good to Be Alive

6.  Manafest–Human

7.  Hawk Nelson–Words

8.  Jars of Clay–Out of My Hands

9.  Mark Schultz–Let’s Go

10.  Group 1 Crew–His Kind of Love


11.  I can’t give you His Kind of Love and forget He Said by Group 1 Crew (featuring Chris August)


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