Christ-coloured Glassess

Rose-coloured glasses

Rose-coloured glasses

Sometimes I can’t quite understand how a God that is perfect, all-powerful and holy can look at us, at me, at all.  Let alone not strike me down in my place.  One day I was thinking about this and I started thinking that God has to see us through rose-coloured glasses…no, through Christ-coloured glasses…and the following poem was born.

Christ-Coloured Glasses

When we see the world
Through rose-coloured glasses,
The world takes on a rosy hue—
The people, the events
That we inevitably see
Appear better, brighter in this view.

I wish I could see through
Rose-coloured glasses!
I see evil, sadness, wrong-doing and pain.
I wish I could see past
The darkness veiling
To see truth and hope, without a stain.

Christ saw the world
Through rose-coloured glasses;
He saw straight through to the heart.
He looked past the outer
Shell of a man
To the soul—the hidden part.

And now

God sees us through
Christ-coloured glasses
Christ’s obedience and holiness to veil
All of our dark and ungodly things—
Invisible, even when we fail.

I want to see the world
Through Christ-coloured glasses,
To see God’s fingerprint on man.
I want to see deeper,
Past the façade
To God working, with His mighty hand.

God!  Please see me
Through Christ-coloured glasses—
All of my waywardness to hide.
May I take on the
Characteristics of Christ
And one day walk by Your side!

mec   20 July 2008


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