14 Days of Gratitude–Day 1

Red JesusSo, I borrowed this idea from my friend, Mandie.  She is doing a series of video blogs called ‘The 90 days of Gratitude’.  That sounds like a lot of days so I thought that I would start small and then continue as I like.

I heard this question on Twitter the other day:  how would your life be different if you only received today from God the things you thanked Him for yesterday?

Well, let’s get thanking!

The first thing I’m thankful for is Jesus Christ.  God, thank-you for giving me the best gift in the world!  A Saviour, a brother, a friend, a Defender.  One who gives me courage, power, wisdom, intelligence, strength…

Thank you, God, that through Your word (Jesus) this world was created and that through him it stays together and keeps on spinning.  Thank-you that he came to earth and taught me how much You love me and how, therefore, I must love others.  Thank-you that he submitted to dying on the cross to save me from the weight of sin and death, and to allow me to approach Your throne of glory.

Thank-you that he walks with me and understands what it is like for me, as he walked this earth himself.

I could continue to praise You, God, all day for this precious gift of Yours for me!

What a friend I have in Jesus!  Thank-you!


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