14 Days of Gratitude–Days 7, 8 and 9

I am thankful for:
Day 1.  Jesus Christ
Day 2.  The Bible
Day 3.  My parents
Day 4.  My Grandmother
Day 5. God’s Holy Spirit
Day 6.  My nephews, Caleb and Joshua.

This is taking me longer than I thought it would so I am going to do multiple items today. 😀

Mandie and Mary

Mandie and Mary

The seventh thing I’m thankful for is my best friend, Mandie.  She has been my friend since the summer of 1990 when we worked together.  Yes, that’s right, we have been friends for 23 years.  We really are more sisters than friends, but the kind of family that you get to choose!  When we travel together we take time to be silly and I love that about Mandie–she doesn’t shy away from being silly together.  We understand eachother well enough that we don’t always have to end sentences or sometimes we will take up a conversation from earlier in the day and just effortlessly finish it hours later.  This really annoys her husband!

Thank-you, God, for my wonderful friend, Mandie!

The eighth thing I’m thankful for is my job.  I can’t say that I always enjoy the politics that comes with every job it seems but I really do love my job.  Not only does it support me financially but I get great fulfillment from it and have great opportunities to meet people and to help them.  This is such a great thing!

Thank you, God, that I have a job and that I love it so much.

The ninth thing I am thankful for is my beautiful home.  I have a non-leeking roof over my head that keeps me warm in winter and cool (mostly) in summer.  I live right on the running trails in my town and could run for hours in either direction from my home.  My friend, Mandie, helped with the interior design of my place and so it is beautiful, cosy and bright.

Thank you, God, that I have a safe and warm place to live.  Thank you that it is in a beautiful location and is close to where my friends live. What a gift, Father!

I could continue to praise You, God, all day for these precious gifts of Yours to me!



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