The Final 14 Days of Gratitude–Days 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14

So far I am thankful for:
Day 1.  Jesus Christ
Day 2.  The Bible
Day 3.  My parents
Day 4.  My Grandmother
Day 5. God’s Holy Spirit
Day 6.  My nephews, Caleb and Joshua.
Day 7.  My best friend, Mandie
Day 8.  My job that I love
Day 9.  My home.

I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been sick and unfortunately in the hospital.  It has made me think a little about the single life.  Hospital bed

As a single person, I have sometimes wondered what the outcome would be if something happened to me.  You know, a slip in the bath tub and blunt force trauma to the head…(thank you, CSI…)

Would anyone know?  Would anyone care?  Or would I just die there in the bath tub–yeah, an awfully undignified way to go.

Well, I have learned in my illness that I have many people who would be concerned and come looking for me if something happened.

This is the tenth thing I’m thankful for–the true concern and overwhelming outpouring of love from all around me when I got sick. I can’t believe the number of visits, texts, emails, cards and phone calls that have come from concerned friends.  It has truly been an eye-opening gift from God.

The eleventh thing I’m thankful for is our wonderful health care system, including my family doctor, the dotors in emergency and in the hospital, the nurses, the lab workers, the housekeeping staff and even the lady who brought me my meals.  These people often do a thankless job well and with dignity.

The twelvth thing I am thankful for is good health.  It would have taken me a lot longer to overcome a bilateral (double) pneumonia if God had not given me a healthy body to care for.

The thirteenth thing I’m thankful for is for great colleagues at work.  Part of the time I was sick I was on vacation but for the rest of the time I’ve had no trouble with having to find people to cover for me at work.  On behalf of all my appointments, thanks, guys!

And (FINALLY) the fourteenth thing I am thankful for is for the opportunity to be able to blog and talk about all the things that randomly rotate through my mind (thanks to God’s Spirit).  I have so long wanted to provide some encouragement to my single and non-single brothers and sisters in this world!  To those of you who follow me, thank you for the support.  To those who are just visiting, I pray that God blesses in some way as you wend your way through these incredible blogs on WordPress and elsewhere.  May God bless all of you!

I could continue to praise You, God, all day for these precious gifts of Yours to me!


(I’m so glad I only picked 14 days of Thankfulness!  I have many more things to be thankful for but my friend is doing 90 days of thanksgiving…)


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