Freshly Fallen Snow

Well, I am finally back from my busy Christmas season…finally…  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, remembering God’s great works in your life in the past and anticipating with wonder His great works in your future!Scrooge

Past and future are both important to us as Christians.  At church on Sunday we talked about “Ebenezers” (and no, not the Scrooge kind!).  An Ebenezer is something that you “put up” to remind you of a difficult time that God helped you through.  Like the stone alters that the Israelites put up in the Old Testement to help them remember God’s grace in bringing them into the promised land.  I think it is important to have something that we can look to when we ‘walk through the valley of the shadow of death’ to remind us of all the times God has helped us before and therefore to give us hope in our present situation.

But we can not dwell in the past.  We are inexorably trapped in the forward passage of time and to walk forward safely we must look ahead.

Looking forward at the beginning of the year is like looking out across a vast expanse of pristine, freshly fallen snow.  It is beautiful.  Untouched.  Full of potential.  Just like this year ahead of us.  An opportunity to be apart of God’s work, spread His love, to love those around us. Let’s make a resolution this year to seek God every day and to follow Him wherever He leads!

We Are by Kari Jobe


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