And Donkey Said, “I need a hug” (Shrek)

Hello, everyone!  I have been gone for over a year but I think I might be ready to get

back into the swing of things…slowly.  I’ve frankly had nothing worth writing over the last year. And as Ben Franklin said, one should “either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  So since I had nothing worth writing, I didn’t… 🙂

I have been thinking a lot, though.  A dangerous pastime, indeed…

One of the many things I’ve contemplated is whether all singles, like me, sometimes long for meaningful touch.  The medical community says that we need at least 15 instances of meaningful touch per day to maintain our health.  Dr. Patricia Blackwell in her article, The Influence of touch on Child Development:  Implications on Intervention, mentions historical episodes where orphan babies that weren’t held not only didn’t thrive but actually perished.  So it would seem like a scholarly thing to say that meaningful touch is important to us.

I must say that wherein most of the time I am blessedly content in my single situation, sometimes all my hard work is upended by the simple desire to hold someone’s hand or to have someone hug me.  Having said this, I do have my nephews and all of my friends that do hold my hand and hug me when they can, so I’m not looking for sympathy.  What I’m looking for is confirmation–do you feel this way, on occasion, too?


2 thoughts on “And Donkey Said, “I need a hug” (Shrek)

  1. Absolutely!. In fact I’ve had a rough couple of weeks in the department of longing for a husband and so I googled living a single Christian life, And here I am. I have asked the Lord why I’m feeling so bad about living alone when typically I’m ok with it. This answered my question directly. I just want to be touched! Thanks for this answer. I live alone and I don’t work. I’ve been struggling with a chronic illness for quite some time and so I don’t get out much. I long for a snuggle on the couch or to just be held. So then Father, what do u want us to do about this natural longing that can be very hard to shake?

    • Isn’t that a great question. Actually, I know a few amazing ladies that have been single missionaries across the world and I would love to ask them how they managed with this desire for meaningful human touch. If I am able to contact them then I will definitely post their responses. Have faith!

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