Christ-coloured Glassess

I was just re-reading some of these old posts and thought that in our dark world, with mass killings and turbulent elections and world unrest, perhaps we could try to bring some light back into it.

A Single Christian in a Married World

Rose-coloured glasses Rose-coloured glasses

Sometimes I can’t quite understand how a God that is perfect, all-powerful and holy can look at us, at me, at all.  Let alone not strike me down in my place.  One day I was thinking about this and I started thinking that God has to see us through rose-coloured glasses…no, through Christ-coloured glasses…and the following poem was born.

Christ-Coloured Glasses

When we see the world
Through rose-coloured glasses,
The world takes on a rosy hue—
The people, the events
That we inevitably see
Appear better, brighter in this view.

I wish I could see through
Rose-coloured glasses!
I see evil, sadness, wrong-doing and pain.
I wish I could see past
The darkness veiling
To see truth and hope, without a stain.

Christ saw the world
Through rose-coloured glasses;
He saw straight through to the heart.
He looked past the outer
Shell of a man
To the…

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