About Mary

Who am I?  I am a serially single woman who lives in a very married city.  My two rules of engagement are:  1.  everybody is (engaged, that is.  Or married), and 2.  I am older than I look.  I have a very supportive family who have grown to embrace my singleness (over time…) and 2 adorable nephews who greatly appreciate their single, crazy aunt who can come and visit with them and play with them whenever she likes!

Why am I writing about single Christians?  There do seem to be a lot of single blogs out there already…  Well, I really feel strongly that single Christian women in particular (being a woman myself) do not get the support they need from the Christian community.  As well, when you’re a single Christian, you seem to think that you are a rare bird.  With this blog I have two purposes:  1. to let the singles out there know that they are not alone and to encourage them in their walk, and 2. to communicate to friends, family and church community what it’s like for their single friends and how to love, help and encourage this very special group.

Keep in mind that this blog is aimed at singles, their friends and families, and their church families.  Please–if you know any singles, invite them to join us!


4 thoughts on “About Mary

  1. Mary,
    I just came upon your blog and absolutely love it! It is sometimes hard and lonely living in a married world, especially with the holidays coming up. I also love that you are a runner, and I suspect a trail runner since you only run in Solomons? I myself run long distance on the trail.
    Keep writing, it is very encouraging to alot of us!

    • Thanks a lot, Pam, for your encouragement. I’ve been quite sick lately and have had a lot of time to think and have wondered if I should continue this blog or not. I will continue! And, yes, I am a trail runner. You caught on to the Solomons! I can’t wait to get back out to my winter wonderland running world–God’s creation is a-maz-ing! Stay tuned!

    • Thanks for taking a look at my blog! As a single, I think sexual purity is an important topic that is rarely discussed. I’m glad that you got something from it. Praise God!

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