My Choice?

I often come across people who, upon finding out while talking to me that I’m still single at 40, say something like, “But you’ve chosen to be single, right?”

Now, what DO they mean?  I don’t really know.

I imagine that they mean that, despite hundreds of fine eligible Christian men falling at my feet, I have spurned them all and have decided that I will be a “spinster to the rapture”.  As appealing as being a Baptist nun is (?), I can’t say that this is entirely true.  I have really made only one choice in the matter and that to follow God’s plan for my life.  If this means that I am single at 40, then I guess it has been my choice to be so.  But frankly, I have not had hundreds of eligible Christian men falling at my feet…just to be clear on this…

I do know an amazing woman who did make this choice, however.  I went overseas to work with a Godly women in India.  Her story is quite amazing although I will only tell a very small piece of it here.  She had just finished her education and was preparing for her wedding when she felt God calling her to India.  As things went, the choice was between staying at home and getting married or following God’s call to India.  She chose the latter.  And God has blessed her mightily.

But I’m not really sure that either of us CHOSE to be single necessarily, which is really the more important issue.  The important part about our stories is not the results of the decisions themselves, but the reasons for the decisions.  I’ve never met anyone who has specifically chosen to be single, but rather that they have chosen to follow God’s leading in every aspect of their lives.  (Hey, if anyone out there has another experience, please let us know).

And this, I think, should be how we look at our situation, regardless of where we are:  as obedience to God’s leading, leaving the outcome to the One who holds the universe in His hands.