Lies Singles Tell Themselves…

SingleBcSo I found this new blog, The Single Woman, by Mandy Hale.  I’ve been keeping tabs on it over the last few months and am quite excited about it.  Mandy speaks from the heart with obvious concern for and understanding of her fellow Christian singles.

A recent post really caught my eye–Lies Singles Tell Themselves.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

The above picture is from the Single Woman blog post above.



“It is idle to say that men are of equal value. If value is taken in a worldly sense—if we mean that all men are equally useful or beautiful or good or entertaining—then it is nonsense. If it means that all are of equal value as immortal souls, then I think it conceals a dangerous error. The infinite value of each human soul is not a Christian doctrine. God did not die for man because of some value He perceived in him. The value of each human soul considered simply in itself, out of relation to God, is zero. As St. Paul writes, to have died for valuable men would have been not divine but merely heroic; but God died for sinners. He loved us not because we were lovable, but because He is Love. It may be that He loves all equally—He certainly loved all to the death—and I am not certain what the expression means. If there is equality, it is in His love, not in us.   

—from “Membership” (The Weight of Glory) by C.S Lewis
Remember, your value is not in what you wear or what your job is or what you’ve done or what you will do or whether you’re single or married–it is in who God is and what He has done for you.  And THAT will never change.  Isn’t it refreshing to realize that you don’t have to keep up with the Jones’?


“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”
St. Augustine

I just watched the movie, God’s Not Dead, and boy was it a good one!  What I particularly liked about the movie was the way that each character did what was right despite their family and friends and what must have seemed like the whole world standing against them.  They spoke the truth.

Cheers to each actor who was in the movie and to each person who has been involved in a similar situation (they’re commoner than you would expect).

I had a professor in my undergraduate science degree who was a Christian in what I would describe as the ‘bastion of atheistic faith’ aka my university (there were not many professors who professed Christianity at this great place of learning).  He was a great teacher but alas I learned later, after finishing the class and moving onward, that he was no longer teaching at my university.  From the rumours, it was because of his stance on creation.

This was confusing to me at the time because our university moto was straight from the Bible:

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.  Philippians 4:8 NIV

My friend, Mandie, also told me that her brother, while in grade school, was asked to write a paper on worshipping the devil.  When he refused he got into a lot of trouble.  Kudos to him for standing up for what he believed in even at such a young age!

Freedom of speech would seem to be withering away in our western world.  Don’t let this be the case!  If the Spirit is telling you to talk, do it.  No one can argue with your testimony–it’s your story.  Tell them how God is not Dead–how could He be?  You just spoke to Him 5 minutes ago!!  Speak Truth and He will defend Himself.

I would probably re-write St. Augustine’s quote:

The Truth IS a lion (the Lion of Judah).  Speak the Truth and He will make His defense.  All you have to do is let Him loose!

Here are the Newsboys, with the heavenly voice of Michael Tait, proclaiming God’s Not Dead! (you just have to love the enthusiasm of the drummer, Duncan Phillips!)

Who’s Colm Wilkinson? And What Does He Have to Do With The Matrix?

OK, so by now you’ve all figured out that I LOVE music.  And, yes, my favourite musical is, of course, Les Miserables.  Not only is the music stunning but the story is such a powerful Christian story, about a man named Jean Val Jean who learns his value to God through the sacrifice of another and who then sacrifices his life for others continually throughout his life while being relentlessly pursued by one enslaved to “the law”.

How could I not love this play?

So when my friend Mandie asked me, “Hey, Mary, do you want to go see Les Miserables in the theatre tonight?” all I could think of was whether she meant the question rhetorically because really the answer should have been OBVIOUS…

So we went.  One quick point–I was a bit concerned about the movie initially because it is a production full of music…could any of these famous Hollywood actors actually sing?  I had seen the play live and on DVD many times and loved the beauty of the music.  What would happen to the music?

So we are watching the movie when the part where the main character, Jean Val Jean, ends up stealing from the priest who had given him shelter and who later bestows on Val Jean an even greater gift than a bed to sleep in.  I was so surprised and delighted to see that the priest was played by Colm Wilkinson that I turned to Mandie and blurted out (loudly), “Mandie, it’s Colm Wilkinson!” Colm Wilkinson

She turns to me, shushes me, and says, “Who’s Colm Wilkinson?”


Did she really just say that?  Really?

It’s funny how we can be so invested in something that we lose the ability to have any perspective.  For a minute I couldn’t comprehend that someone wouldn’t know who Colm Wilkinson was!

But after the first initial speechlessness (which is notably quite rare for me), I  of course blurted out WHO he was, with Amanda shushing me all the while.

Now how would this look if I were watching a movie and someone representing Jesus Christ appeared?  Would I get all excited and tell the person next to me all about Him, or would I hold my tongue because I am afraid of “offending” that person?  Would I be as quick to extoll the virtues of my immortal Saviour as I am this mortal performer?

As I’ve mentioned before, our World has perhaps rubbed off too much on us Christians.  We are more aware of the finite world than we are the spiritual world.  Like in the movie The Matrix the main character Neo believes that what he sees is reality, when all the while his eyes have been deceiving him and reality is actually on another plane.  At one point Neo is offered a chance to see the real world, to exit the fantasy and finally see what he has been missing his entire life.  The red pill or the blue pill?  Stay in this fiction or see the truth?  He chooses to see the truth, while one of his colleagues, Cypher, wants to have his memory of reality obliterated and to return to the lie.  It seems crazy, really, that Cypher would cherish the lie more than reality, but this is an allegory of our world.  So many would rather choose the lie of life without Christ than the truth in Christ.

But we know the truth!  Can we be more like Morpheus and offer the chance to see the truth to those around us?  Can we be as enthusiastic about our relationship with Christ as we are with our distractions in this world?

Oh, and for those who don’t know, Colm Wilkinson was only THE original (and best, my opinion only!) Jean Val Jean in the original London stage cast of Les Miserables.  If you haven’t seen it, you should, although I will warn the gentlemen that my brother told me after he saw it that all he could think of the entire movie is when it would end…so much for trying to add culture to my brother’s life!

Let’s all get enthusiastic about Christ!.